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16 April 2018


Congratulations to those who had tournament success over the weekend.
🥇Trevor Gane and Phillipa Gardiner won the South Wairarapa Intermediate Pairs. 👏👏👏🍾
And at the Waipukurau Open 🥈 Arthur Bennett came second with his partner from Australia, Andrew Struik, and Rob Poulgrain and Peter Ramsey toped a session. 👍

11 April 2018


We are excited to be bringing our Ethics and Etiquette policy to the club. We hope that it will help all of you, our members, no matter how long you've been playing, to understand what is expected of you when you're at the bridge table. It also outlines what you can do if you feel that someone is not meeting that expectation.
Ethics And Etiquette Overview
Ethics and Etiquette Policy

29 March 2018


Syrah-Pinot Nior Winners Dennis Apperley and Chris Moffet (pictured) Syrah-Merlot Winners George Masters and Wendy Giorgi

Pairs Cabernet/Pinot Nior Winners Bill Jamieson and Judy Inzunza Pinot Nior-Merlot Winners Jocelyn Hall (pictured) and Gaye Robertson

Congratulations to all the winners of the inaugural Wednesday Multi-tier Pairs.
A - Syrah/Cabernet - 1st Caroline Wiggins & Trevor Gane 2nd Gerry Palmer & Neil Smith.
B - Syrah/Pinot Nior - 1st Dennis Apperley & Chris Moffet 2nd Tony White & Pat Sheridan.
C - Syrah/Merlot - 1st George Masters & Wendy Giorgi 2nd John Pitts & Helen Liddle.
D - Cabernet/Pinot Nior - 1st Bill Jamieson & Judy Inzunza 2nd Michael Caris & Trish Murphy.
E - Cabernet/Merlot - 1st Di Bolton & Barbara Griffiths 2nd Ann Craven & John Tucker
F - Pinot Nior/Merlot - 1st Jocelyn Hall & Gaye Robertson 2nd Fran McCool & Bernie Schroder.

25 March 2018


Winners - Liz & Blair Fisher, Alister Stuck and Russell Wilson 2nd- Dennis Apperley, Rob Poulgrain, Sue Kay and Peter Ramsey

Congratulations to the Fisher team, Blair, Liz, Alister Stuck and Russell Wilson. Winners of the Hastings Bridge Club Open Teams. And to the Apperley team, Dennis, Sue Kay, Peter Ramsey, Rob Poulgrain 2nd and the Fitzsimons team, Brian and Mairi Fitzsimons, Alister Buchanan and Mary Simonsen 3rd Peter and Rob came 2nd in the pairs datum.
And a huge thank you to Alister Poulgrain from O’Briens Plumbing & Bathroomware for sponsorship

19 March 2018


Winners - Susan Sykes and Ted Griffiths

Congratulations to Susan Sykes and Ted Griffiths on winning the Monday Hastings Pairs by a whopping 27% from 2nd place getters Helen Andrews and Bronwyn Nilsen

18 March 2018


Hastings members had great success at the Taradale Lawson Jugs Pairs on Sunday.
The winners were Peter Ramsey & Dennis Apperley with Doug & Bobby Couchman in 6th and Sue Kay & Rob Armstrong toping a session
Congratulations to all of you
The overall results are here

15 March 2018


March 2018 NZ Bridge Volunteer of the month - Val Darragh

Last night we had the pleasure of presenting the NZ Bridge Volunteer of the Month award to Val Darragh. Val has been responsible for the gardens around the bridge club for the last five years. She also donates food for morning tea and time in the kitchen at all our tournaments. Thank you, Val, for all your work for our club, You deserve this honour.

5 March 2018


Congratulation to Mairi Fitzsimons on becoming a Grand Master at the North Island Teams. After needing less than one A point since the end of November it must be wonderful to finally get it.

The Tier System

There are to be four, relatively equal size, tiers, namely Merlot, Pinot Nior, Cabernet and Syrah. Which tier you fit into has been decided by your rating points as well as your results when playing in the club. This will be your tier for the calendar year
If you are wanting to know which tier you or anyone else is in click here for the full 2018 tier list for all players.
If you want to find someone in a specific tier then:
Click here to view the 2018 Merlot Tier
Click here to view the 2018 Pinot Noir Tier
Click here to view the 2018 Cabernet Tier
Click here to view the 2018 Syrah Tier

Pianola Partner Finder If you want to play in an event but don't know who to ask just use the Pianola partner finder. this will send out an email to other club members letting them know you are looking.


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